Emergency and Ambulance Corps Order of Malta - Permanent Observer Mission

Emergency and Ambulance Corps

The Order of Malta’s relief organisations and ambulance corps operate in over 30 countries. They perform first aid, disaster relief and social services. In addition, they carry out extensive work with the young and to this end the Order trains thousands of volunteers each year in first aid.

Since the foundation in Ireland in 1938 of the ambulance corps, it has become a major provider of first-aid training, ambulance transport and community care services. The service offers first aid, ambulance and emergency care services in most of Ireland’s principal cities and towns, and through its youth section provides youth development programmes and sporting activities. The establishment of relief services has also been very successful in Central and Eastern Europe since 1989, and more recently, in Morocco, where the opening of an institute for ambulance teams in Casablanca in 2006 has meant the provision of training and employment for its young people in an essential field.

Underway since September 2009: enhancement of the ambulance service in Timor-Leste, seriously cut back during the civil strife that has plagued the country in recent years. Promoted by the Order of Malta’s Australian Association and the Order’s Embassy on the Island, the first courses started in October 2009, for 35 nurses and for drivers specialised in emergencies who will manage the ambulance services.

The social commitment which is demonstrated through this organized approach has a special appeal for the young and inspires their resolve to volunteer their help for these humanitarian initiatives.