Statement of the Order of Malta: UNODC May 2015 Order of Malta - Permanent Observer Mission


Statement of the Order of Malta: UNODC May 2015

Statement by H. E. Ambassador Günther A. Granser

Permanent Observer to the UN and other International Organizations
at the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice
Twenty-fourth session

Vienna, 18th to 22nd May 2015

Mr. Chairman,

Let me extend my congratulations to you and to other members of the Bureau on your election and express my confidence that under your leadership the current session will carry out its work in a constructive atmosphere. Your balance, professionalism and sensibility will certainly guide us throughout the deliberations of this session.

Transnational organized crime has grown due to the lack of coordination among States; indifferences or blindness to perceive its power and to anticipate its terrible consequences for every nation.

Terrorism, corruption, smuggling of migrants and arms trafficking, are the actual faces of transnational crime. Transnational organized crime has penetrated in many fields. All nations should create and strengthen institutional controls to exchange information.

Trafficking in persons is a problem that has grown rapidly during the last few years. The prevalence of economies with large asymmetries has resulted in emergence of migratory movements on a large scale. People have the right to live with dignity. Human beings have the right to live without hunger. Those who have to leave their country in order to try better luck elsewhere, often to the regret of their homeland, are frequently welcomed by the hand of exploitation.

The Sovereign Order of Malta has provided its experience and engagement especially in Southern Italy in many areas which are related to this important issue and is considering cooperation with UNODC in a recent project proposal related to this important topic.

In order to achieve the goals in the area of criminal justice issues, including the dramatic issue of smuggling of migrants and trafficking in persons, transnational organized crime and terrorism prevention, a coordinated and sustainable scheme of international cooperation grounded in a renewed commitment to multilateralism and increased technical and financial assistance is to be actively considered.

Across the board, efforts to fight organized crime should become more operational. Since international criminality exploits international ties, the only way to protect national sovereignty is to collaborate across borders. Let us make better use of international instruments to enforce the rule of law where uncivil society prevails.

In concluding we face a crime wave that has become a security crisis. The Sovereign Order of Malta believes that working together against crime does not mean surrendering sovereignty, it means defending it. The political will of States is mightier than the greed and fire power of criminal groups.

Thank you for your attention.