Floods in Germany and neighboring countries Order of Malta - Permanent Observer Mission


Floods in Germany and neighboring countries

Malteser Germany also set up evacuation shelters in affected cities.

Malteser International coordinates recovery efforts.

Almost 800 Malteser Germany workers and volunteers participated in relief operations throughout the country.

Cologne. Many days of uninterrupted heavy rains in late May led to intense flooding and destruction in several German regions – especially in the south, east and north. The floods also affected areas in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and the Slovak Republic. Almost 800 helpers – most of them volunteers – from Malteser Germany supported emergency relief measures, helping with evacuation, providing temporary shelter, meals and supplies for both the affected population and rescue workers and offering psychosocial support. Now, Malteser International will support its German colleagues in the rehabilitation and reconstruction phase.

Because of its extensive experience in emergency relief and rehabilitation, Malteser International was asked by Malteser Germany to support and coordinate reconstruction projects in the flood-affected regions. Working together with regional and local Malteser branches, local authorities and other social institutions, Malteser International is currently identifying areas most in need of help. The relief efforts will focus on people and social institutions without access to public funds and who suffered damages not covered by insurance policies. The projects will be implemented with a focus on sustainable recovery.

Germany’s Relief Coalition, an alliance of humanitarian relief organizations, is supporting the emergency relief and rehabilitation measures with private donations.