Statement at the General Conference of the IAEA Order of Malta - Permanent Observer Mission


Statement at the General Conference of the IAEA

Statement by H. E. Ambassador Günther A. Granser

Permanent Observer to UN, IAEA, CTBTO
at the 57th General Conference of the International Atomic Agency

 Vienna, 16 – 20 September 2013

Mr. President, Director General, Excellences, Distinguished Delegates,

On behalf of the Sovereign Order of Malta and our delegation, I would like to join previous speakers in congratulating you on your election to the Presidency of the Fifty-Seventh Regular Session of the IAEA’s General Conference. My delegation is confident that under your able leadership, the conference will accomplish its business successfully. I would also like to congratulate all other Members elected to the Bureau. My delegation assures you all of its support and cooperation in ensuring that the conference concludes its work successfully.

We also commend the Director General for his reelection and thank him and his team for tirelessly pursuing the agenda of ensuring that nuclear technology is used for peaceful purposes. The peaceful use of nuclear technology continues to play a pivotal role in improving the lives of less privileged throughout the world, particularly in the fields of Agriculture and Health in third world countries, which is an important aim of the Sovereign Order of Malta. It is against this background that the Order is committed to supporting the Agency in all its endeavors of pursuing the peaceful use of Nuclear Technology. In this regard we commend his efforts in addressing cancer in developing countries and putting it high on the Agency’s agenda.

The Sovereign Order of Malta has been following the activities of the Agency since 1998. We do share many common public agendas, particularly in human sciences and healthcare where a Practical Arrangement with PACT has been signed focusing primarily on the PACT Demonstration Sites (PMDS), notably in Albania.

The purpose of these Practical Arrangements is to take a more vigorous and concerted effort to combat the growing cancer epidemic and address control in an integrated, comprehensive manner through international collaboration. These concrete steps of collaboration in the battle against cancer in Albania will further enhance the relationship between the Sovereign Order of Malta and the Agency to support the advancement of comprehensive cancer control in low- and middle- income countries.

The Sovereign Order of Malta, one of the oldest humanitarian organizations worldwide has its government headquarters in Rome. It is recognized as a sovereign subject of international law, has bilateral diplomatic and official relations on ambassadors level with more than 104 countries, most of which are IAEA Member States, and multilateral relations with the European Union, the United Nations, where it has permanent observer status through a General Assembly resolution supported by all members of the UN General Assembly.

On the occasion of the 900th anniversary of the Pie Postulatio Voluntatis of 1113, which has layed  the legal foundations for the Order’s  sovereignty and independence, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon thanked the Order of Malta for its constant and indefatigable commitment to serving the poor and needy. He expressed his thankfulness and appreciation that the Order of Malta has always been the UN’s faithfully ally in achieving the Third Millennium Goals.

The Sovereign Order of Malta appreciates the Scientific Forum on “The Blue Planet – Nuclear Applications for a Sustainable Marine Environment”, and its relevance in the light of the prevailing circumstance regarding the protection and preservation of the ecological balance for coastal regions and marine environment. We commend the Director General for choosing this topical and apposite theme for his year’s Scientific Forum. The overarching Millennium Development Goal of poverty eradication will remain meaningless if it does not address the ecological balance and elimination of hunger among the poor, which is also one of the main concerns of the Order of Malta.

Mr. President,

During the last half a century, the Agency has carried out and continues to do so, an important and significant technical role in promoting the development of people.

This approach is based on a multilateralism based on a collective sense of security, capable of building a real climate of peace and trust for everyone also in the tradition of the Order of Malta in caring particularly for the sick and poor, for those in need and for the most marginalized members of the society.

Thank you, Mr. President.