Thousands remain homeless after earthquakes in northern Italy Order of Malta - Permanent Observer Mission

  • CISOM was given the task to set up and manage a camp to host about 250 people in the area of Bon Porto. Photo: CISOM

    Thousands remain homeless after earthquakes in northern Italy

    The Italian Association of the Order of Malta provides emergency shelters, manages camp Following two deadly earthquakes which sent tremors throughout northern Italy over the past 10 days, the Italian Rescue Corps of the Order of Malta (CISOM) has been providing relief in the disaster region. Immediately after the event and during the following days, […]

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  • Order of Malta France distributes tents, organises ambulances for the transportation of refugees and trains young Malians from the refugee camps in first aid techniques.

    Burkina Faso: Malteser International provides assistance to Mali refugees

    Malteser International supports transport of refugees to health care centres To address the critical situation of Mali refugees in northern Burkina Faso, Malteser International will support the French association of the Order of Malta in transporting sick refugees to the region’s health care centres. The looming food and malnutrition crisis in the Sahel region due […]

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