The Grandmaster visiting the CTBTO Order of Malta - Permanent Observer Mission


Grandmaster visiting the CTBTO (Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization)

H.M.E.H. and the delegation were received and welcomed by the Executive Secretary Tibor Toth and invited to the Operations Centre for a brief photo session and an overview of the Operations Centre. In the Multimedia Room the Executive Secretary made a presentation on the Comprehensive Nuclear- Test- Ban Treaty, its verification system and activities of the Commission and its Secretariat.

During the bilateral discussions it was stressed that the Order was interested in exploring ways of working closer with CTBTO just as it was aimed with other Vienna-based organizations.

The International Data Centre at CTBTO’s receives gigabytes of data from the global monitoring stations. Data are also provided in real time to recognized tsunami warning organizations. This might be of interest to the Order and in particular to Malteser International because of its activities in disaster relief.

The Grand Chancellor Jean-Pierre Mazery signed a Joint statement between the Order and CTBTO whereas each party will seek to identify possible areas of collaboration in promoting the treaty, the Treaty’s verification regime and training and development of capacities related to the Treaty.

After the traditional exchange of gifts H.M.E.H and the delegation were escorted by the Executive Secretary and the Chief of Protocol on their way towards the visit to UNIDO.

H.E. Jean-Pierre Mazery, Grand Chancellor and Minister of Foreign Affairs; H.E. Tibor Tóth, Executive Secretary (CTBTO) ; H.M.E.H. Frá Matthew Festing, Prince and Grandmaster; H.E. Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager, Grand Hospitaller; H.E. Ambassador Günther Granser,

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