Statement on the International Atomic Energy Agency Order of Malta - Permanent Observer Mission


Statement on the International Atomic Energy Agency

Statement by H. E. Ambassador Günther A. Granser

Permanent Observer to the UN and IAEA
at the 53rd General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency 

Vienna, 14 – 18 September 2009

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 Mr. President, Director General, Distinguished Delegates,

Let me first pay tribute to the outgoing Director General Mohamed ElBaradei for his untiring efforts to secure an ample support to the ideals and the vision of “Atoms for Peace” and wish the incoming Director General Yukiya Amano all success and our support for his new and admirable challenges in the years to come.

The humanity today finds itself in the difficult crossroads, characterized by an ever- increasing interdependence on the economic, political, social and environmental levels, the use of force no longer represents a solution sustainable through time. Priorities and hierarchies of values have to be re-defined on the basis of which one can focus a common effort to mobilize resources towards objectives of moral, cultural and economic development.

In order to promote such an approach, it is necessary to support multilateralism based on a collective sense of security, capable to build a climate of peace and trust that recognizes that development, solidarity and justice are the real name for a lasting peace.

The more than 50-year history of the Agency shows the necessity of today’s world to work together for one human goal in order to deal with a piece of human life that has become many-faceted. The peaceful use of nuclear technology offers possibilities for good or for bad in ways which previously we had not to face.

We have therefore to build up a common consensus through common effort and commitment. The overriding characteristic that should pervade the work of the IAEA in the three areas of its mandate, namely, technology, safety and verification has always be to unite and associate, not to divide and oppose. This is commonly known as the so called “spirit of Vienna” and stems from the spirit that called the Agency into existence.

An important aspect is working together for the use of peaceful and safe nuclear technology, respecting the environment and ever mindful of the most disadvantaged populations. The Technical Co-operation

Program of the IAEA is an efficient instrument for the purpose of peaceful nuclear development and an example of what can be achieved by working together.

The Sovereign Order of Malta would like to express appreciation for the work and achievements of the Technical Co-operation Program, in particular in the fields of agriculture, hydrology, food security and medicine and is encouraging the IAEA to continue to strengthen these activities, in particular in the problem area of the access to safe drinking water.

Our vision is further to see all States work together to promote nuclear safety and security, ensure the non-diversion of nuclear materials and the absence of undeclared nuclear activities. This will be the concrete realization of a culture of life and peace capable of promoting the development of peoples.

A further cornerstone is working for a solid nuclear disarmament. Since the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT), as the basis of the non-proliferation regime, is the cornerstone for pursuing nuclear disarmament and an important element for further development of nuclear energy applications for peaceful purposes, it has to be strengthened.

We see in the activities of the IAEA an example of how issues and conflicts concerning the world community can be subject to common regulation when all work together for this common goal.

In conclusion, we would like to express the appreciation of the Sovereign Order of Malta for the important and significant technical role the IAEA has carried out and continues to do so, favoring the securing of peace and security, and the promotion of the development of peoples, in particular for those in need and for the most marginalized members of our world.

Thank you, Mr. President!