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… to the digital presence of the Permanent Observer Mission of the Sovereign Order of Malta to the United Nations Office at Vienna, to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and to the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization Preparatory Commission (CTBTO).

On this website we will inform you about the Order of Malta’s multilateral activities on the international diplomatic floor and our global humanitarian efforts as well as provide you with some useful information about the Permanent Observer Mission in Vienna.

State visit of H.M.E.H. Frá Matthew Festing at the UN headquarters in Vienna

H.E. Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager, Grand Chancellor and Minister of  Foreign Affairs; H.E. Ambassador Günther Granser; H.M.E.H. Frá Matthew Festing, Prince and Grandmaster; H.E. Yuri Fedotov, Director General and Executive Director (UN Vienna - UNODC); H.E. Jean-Pierre Mazery, fm. Grand Chancellor and Minister of Foreign Affairs (2012)

H.M.E.H. Fra’ Matthew Festing with the highest government members arrived at the UN Plaza and were received with honours by the UN Security and Safety Forces. The UNOV Director General and UNODC Executive Director, Yury Fedotov welcomed H.M.E.H. and the delegation of the Order upon arrival at the UN Plaza and accompanied the delegation personally to the UNODC headquarters.

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Latest Press Releases

  • 06/08/2015

    Order launches programme for refugee in Hungary

    Asylum seekers in Hungary reach record high: Order of Malta launches programme to meet the refugee needs across the country Over 32,000 people fleeing conflict, violence and poverty have requested asylum in Hungary in the first quarter of this year,…

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  • 29/07/2015

    Earthquake: Nepal needs long-term int. aid

    Three months after the earthquake: Nepal needs long-term international aid / Malteser International provides emergency relief for 33,000 people In the first three months after the severe earthquake which hit Nepal on the 25th April 2015, Malteser International, the Order…

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  • serbia15

    Make a Wish: Order of Malta’s initiative for Serbian children

    Make a Wish: the Sovereign Order of Malta’s initiative for Serbian children To offer a smile to a sick child by fulfilling his or her greatest dreams. This is the aim of Make a Wish to the Sovereign Order of…

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Interventions of the order in the world

The following animated graphic provides you with a current geographical overview of the Order of Malta’s humanitarian interventions and activities: